Szkolenia -par is a project created for the pharmaceutical and medical industry by Pharmaseal

We provide professional training and conferences.
Our goal is proven solutions resulting from our experience and acquired practice in the field of drug manufacturing. It allows us to transfer the acquired knowledge to companies in the pharmaceutical sector, medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics.
Conversation and dialogue about your needs sets new challenges for us to meet the highest requirements.
We cooperate with outstanding Experts with many years of practice in the field of production, validation, distribution from home and abroad: England, Holland,
Japan. Cooperation with us is a guarantee of safe work for you. Knowledge and experience on our part ensure effective benefits in your industry.
We focus on each aspect of the training separately, and the developed practices and project implementation are considered individually.

We organize:

  • training for the pharmaceutical sector company
  • training for companies in the medical devices sector
  • training for companies from the dietary supplements sector
  • trainings for companies from the cosmetics sector